Impulse Current Generator


Natural lightning occurs every day and is potentially dangerous to any object in its path. To limit the damages caused by these two phenomena, standards have been established to carry out impulse voltage and impulse current tests. Our main applications of Impulse Current Generator are Testing of Arrestors and Varistors. Lightning Arresters Tests Requirements are

Exponential Current 8/20 µsec

During Exponential current tests, the residual voltage of the test object is often in the range of hundreds of kV, thus requiring an impulse voltage generator as energy storage element.

The impulse voltage generator is discharged through pulse forming elements to achieve the correct impulse current shape.

Impulse Current Generator: Sub-systems

The test system includes following main components


Impulse Current Tests on Surge Arrestor Blocks

Exponential currents
on single Elements
wave shape µs Peak Current KA Residual voltage kV
High Current Impulse 4/10µs 4µs +- 0.5µs
4µs +- 0.5µs
100KA 40kV
Lighting Current Impulse 8/20µs 8µs +- 1µs
20µs +- 2µs
40KA 50kV
Long Duration Impulse Currents
on Single Elements
wave shape µs Energy KJ Residual voltage kV
Line Discharge Tests 2000µs line charge class 1
2000µs line charge class 2
2400µs line charge class 3
2800µs line charge class 4
3200µs line charge class 5
<-65kJ 12kV